Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Faithful Fans

No matter how bad the Panthers play, we'll be forever fans :) Especially with Joe as the head of our house!! These pictures are from the annual tailgate party we had with the staff from CrossWay. Fun times! I particularly love little kids dressed up supporting their team! At the picnic Alathea overheard some of the guys talking about another team and she burst into their conversation and said, "No, GO PANTHERS!" Haha! It was adorable. Alathea was so pro-Panthers that she insisted she wear her size 18 month Panthers jersey! Which is how Abi ended up in the size 3T UNCC cheerleading outfit. They swapped outfits! How I love my girls. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Praying for the house hunt

Now that our house is "under contract" we are praying that the inspection and settlement go well. Our settlement is Nov 13th. On Monday we officially began a new "house hunt". I've had many friends tell me to enjoy the process. I am trying to! It's harder than I thought, mostly because of my lack of patience and lack of trust in the Lord to provide what we need in His Perfect Timing! We looked at about 9 houses on Monday, and there weren't any that I loved.  None  that even came close to the house on Cambridge Bay that we had hoped to buy (the one that is now under contract). We are praying for wisdom! We need wisdom!! There was one house on a street with a bunch of our friends that we liked, but it was expensive for the house and neighborhood. I wonder if our friends didn't live on the street if we'd like it as much? And there was a new neighborhood that Joe likes the idea of building in. Those were our best two options so far, but neither do we feel at peace to act on immediately. We hope to look again on Monday. Please keep us in your prayers! I'm praying for a miracle home and that the Lord would give both Joe & I peace and direction every step of the way. I want my  heart to be full of gratitude and faith, not discouragement and fear. I'm still a little sad about the thought of being "homeless for the holidays", but do well when I take life one day at a time and remember how good and faithful God is.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life with Our Princesses

We are so, so blessed! I don't know how we could love these two little girls anymore than we do. We've been soaking up all this lovely weather lately, and spent every free evening outside. The other night the girls got all dolled up in their princess attire, and asked their Daddy (aka "The Prince") to dance. Joe is a very lucky man to have two (really three) adoring little girls, and he knows it.

Also an update on the house, we're UNDER CONTRACT! Wow! That's all I can say. God provided miraculously! How amazingly quick in such a buyers market! This has been an emotional week, contemplating leaving this home we love and heading...who knows where? But God knows. I must rest there. And we are praying for God to miraculously provide a new home that we really love!! More on the house stuff to come.

Friday, September 11, 2009

House Update

Thank you for praying for us! We got an offer from the lady I met at Starbucks! Praise the Lord! Nothing short of a miracle. (God does work in mysterious ways though! If this goes through, no one can ever give me grief for going to Starbucks again :) Anyways, the offer was a bit low, so we countered today, and are praying they would accept it.  Sadly, even after all the Lord has done, I am tempted to be anxious that things won't work out. And then the next hour I am totally sad about the thought of leaving this house I love so much. I'm learning how much I lack faith in the wise, good and sovereign Lord!! I'm praying my heart will be full of gratitude and faith! The Lord has been so good to us. Thanks so much for your prayers even still!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Sis, Little Sis

I walked and found Abi sitting on Alathea's lap during movie time.
They stayed like this for a full 20 minutes.

The funniest thing is that they are practically the same size :)

When Abigail was first born, I thought we were crazy for having the girls so close in age. But now I am soooo grateful! They are the best of friends. We love hearing them "talk" across the room to each other at night while in bed. We love hearing them run and laugh and play together. Their favorite thing of late is to run around the house following each other laughing hysterically. Its quite funny to watch.

As much fun as it is to see them as friends, I've loved watching the Big Sis-Little Sis relationship play out. Alathea seems to revel in being the big sister. And Abigail seems just fine with having Alathea do things for her. Alathea will get Abigail snacks when she's hungry. She'll wash her hair in the bath tub. She'll peel her banana for Abi can eat it. Alathea will even read Abi books, and Abigail sits still and listens. The best is when Alathea looks Abi in the eyes and calls her "sweet-heart". It makes me laugh thinking about it.

These pics are a perfect picture of their relationship. Abigail sitting quite content in Alathea's lap while they watch a movie. They stayed like this for 20 minutes. So cute. I hope they are always the best of friends!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1st day of School

Getting ready for pre-school. Alathea was SO EXCITED!

Abi was too and looked ridiculously adorable in her backpack
(which she carried with much pride)

At "school". Eileen and I (well, mostly Eileen :) are teaching a preschool
class at our church. They have a "class" (playroom) for Abigail too. It seemed like a great opportunity, considering it is almost free, just once a week, and with a bunch of Alathea's buddies. Not to mention that Alathea LOVES any kind of school. She asks me all day "can we do school now?". She's WAY more into it than I am. I'm thinking, "Your three, don't you just want to play at the park?" :) But in reality it's ME who wants to play at the park all day (I guess I'm a bigger kid than my 3 year old :)

It's hard to believe how "grown-up" my girls are becoming!!