Friday, December 11, 2009

The new BIG sister

Abigail just learned that SHE is going to be a big sister. Yep, baby Lechner #3 is on its way a little sooner than planned, but in God's perfect timing. I'm about 13 weeks right now with the baby's very estimated due date around June 13th. When I actually stop and remember that I am pregnant (which isn't very often, to be honest, since life is pretty busy around here) I am very excited.  And Alathea is thrilled. She'll boldly proclaim that the baby is "a boy named Joseph". She really thinks its a boy. I really think its a girl :) Joe and I would be totally happy either way. Any guesses of your own? We'll Lord willing find out in Mid-January. 

PS to my family...sorry, I was hoping to wait and surprise you in person at Christmas, but couldn't wait that long :)

Monday, December 07, 2009


The week before Thanksgiving we had an amazing vacation at Orange Lake Country Club in Orlando, Florida. It's unusual for us to vacation in the fall, but this was Gods perfect timing. Just days before we left our buyers loan fell through, so it was wonderful to have something so lovely to look forward to after a whirlwind discouraging events.

Joe & I went to Orange Lake for another timely trip, just weeks after my Mom died, when Alathea was only 7 months old! We knew we loved the place and we were thrilled to have an opportunity to go back!

The first few days it was just the four of us. We enjoyed the amazing pools and lazy river and went to Disney World for a day and took the girls to the Rain Forest Cafe at night. Super fun little family times. But the rest of the week was super fun too, once the rest of the Bowers clan arrived on Tuesday:

The whole clan. I just love when we are all together!

JuJu with her girls

There was a lovely "beach area" with sand, palm trees and hammocks. We loved letting the girls play in  the sand while we swung in the hammocks. I could do this every day :)

We love that their are palm trees, tropical plants and water falls everywhere! The resort is the biggest in the world and has a 12 acre water park and 1/2 mile lazy river. Just some of the reasons why we love it here!

These two are hilarious together. Joe's planning an attack on this bird trying to get into our condo. Julie is a little scared :)

Alathea watching people float by on the Lazy River

Mimi Golf! A must for Bowers vacations.

This picture of Abigail makes me laugh. She's in her own world, talking to her new best friend Mini Mouse, while the rest of us are hanging out together. Sweet Girl.

Abigail's first pony tail. She now insists on one everyday!
I think she was told she was "pretty" one too many times.

Alathea & Julie went for a WILD ride on this golf cart! I thought they might fly off of it!! With Julie's driving record, my fears were warranted :)

We stayed on one of the FOUR golf courses on the resort. Rocky & Joe enjoyed many rounds of golf together. And with the sweet deals they offered, it was virtually free! As you can see, Alathea loves her Uncle Rocky!

Julie & Alathea on the Lazy River

Another sweet freebie- the Cabana. It was just off the Lazy River (you can see it behind Joe). It was like our own little house by the River, with a TV, fridge, snacks, ceiling fan, ect. Pretty awesome!

The girls loved all the Florida wild life that would visit each morning.  These we named the grey flamingos, they were a favorite.

One of the girls favorite pools! We loved having no one there early in the morning!!

Daddy is so much fun!!

The girls playing in the beach area.

A wonderful, timely Bowers vacation!! I must add that it was difficult leaving the sunny and 80 degree Florida weather to coming home to cold and rainy Charlotte! But at least it makes it feel more like Christmas!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sad, sweet little girl

I've done a poor job of talking to my girls about my Mom this past week. Given that its her birthday week and Christmas is approaching, its easier to not bring up such an emotionally charged topic. But out of the blue, Alathea must have mentioned "Nana" (my Mom) 5-6 times yesterday. It was really sweet. Like a little gift from God, a reminder that she won't be forgotten. But tonight, Oh my, I don't even know where to start. As I was putting the girls to bed Alathea began SOBBING. Really sobbing, with her face buried in her sheets. I asked her what was wrong and she cried, "I Miss Nana". So sweet. She went on to tell me (through her tears) that she wanted to see Nana today. She wanted to "go to Nana's house and have her hold me and I can lay in her bed like when I was a baby". (How she knows she'd lay in bed with Mom for hours when she was only a few months old, I have no idea). When I gently reminded her that Nana had died and is now with Jesus, she started sobbing again, this time uncontrollably, saying, "But I don't want Nana to die!!! I  want to see her!!" Oh my, just so sweet and tender. Alathea can be a drama queen, but this was no act, I could tell she was completely genuine. The next 10 minutes were the sweetest ever, as I held her, and held back tears myself, and tried to comfort my little 3 year old in the realities of death, but also the truth and glories of Heaven. And how one day, if she gives her heart and life to Jesus, she can see her again. After that she asked, "And then will Nana die again?" It brought great joy to my own heart to happily assure her that no, Nana will never die again, and that she is happy, dancing and singing with Jesus right now. That really made Alathea smile. Then she'd bury her head in my shoulder again and sob. This means so much to girls really know who my Mom is, even though she only lived until Alathea was 6 months old. Alathea knows "honey" (her bunny) was from my Mom, and that Abigail's middle name is Kathleen, after my Mom. And tonight they loved looking at this picture of my Mom kissing Alathea when she was 3 months old that is hanging in their room. Abi even said, "Nana!" tonight. Warms my heart and saddens it at the same time. 

It does make me wonder if my Mom's death will be a wonderful avenue to bring the Gospel to life in my girls eyes at young ages. I sure pray that it is so! Wouldn't that be a wonderful way of God working all things for good. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


...would have been my Mom's 53rd Birthday. I love this picture of her laughing. I miss her laugh so much!! I miss her so much!!! Happy Birthday Mom! I'm sure you are having a fabulous birthday in Heaven. 

Keep my family in your prayers. The holidays are tough when you are missing a loved one, especially your Mom!