Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alathea's trying to Walk

It's hard to believe that our little 9 month old baby girl just started to take her first few steps. Monday, during family day, we were at Northlake Mall's play area & sure enough she let go of the bench & took a wobbly three steps before falling to the floor. She had a huge smile, hands in the air & squealed as she did it! Joe & I were smiling even bigger (I guess it's a first time parent thing). I'll post Thanksgiving & Knoxville pict's soon!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On the Road Again

Early Thursday morning we load up baby girl and head to Knoxville, Tennessee. We take an anual trip there each year to visit dear friends Mike & Elizabeth Plewniak (they lead the college ministry at University of we have quite a bit in common). We also bring along the interns (Dave& Anne, Katherine & Stretch) so they can learn from the interns at the church there. There is an added bonus this year, because I get to see my little Meg who moved to Knoxville this summer. Joe will be speaking Thursday night in Knoxville & then at Crossway on Sunday when we get home...keep him in your prayers!

We then head up to Maryland for the entire week of Thanksgiving (Monday-Sunday)...Yippee! I've been counting down the days to see my family. It will be so nice to have such an extended visit. We have lots of fun things shopping, the zoo, and catching up with friends. We can't wait! Although I am sure we will have a blast together, there still is an undeniable looming sadness at the loss of Mom. She hasn't even been gone three months yet. Please keep the entire family in your prayers as we approach the holiday season. Everything about the holidays reminds us of Mom and this will be the first ever with out her. Praise the Lord for the hope of Heaven & for the comfort he provides on earth at present. He has met each of us in our mourning...Thank you for your prayers!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Little Cowgirl

Alathea went to her very first birthday party a few weeks ago...that of her very favorite friends CJ & Avery Balckburn. They had a big "Cowboy/Cowgirl" theme. It was lots of fun...Alathea especially enjoyed herself as she seemed to think it was actually her birthday (she sat next to Eileen and played with each toy that was opened immediately as if it was hers :). I'll post other party pic's later, but for now enjoy our little Cowgirl with her Shariff, Cousin Andrew (5 Months old).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Fall

Alathea Joy at 8 Months
"Little Goose" riding in a wagon of Pumpkins

Recent family photo in Davidson

Alathea in a bunch of pumpkins

It's been a while since I've updated this! The little princess is keeping me busier than ever now! My only hope of even thinking of getting on the computer is during her nap time. Alathea is now "Cruising" all around the house, holding onto furniture or people and walking from thing to thing. Today she started letting go of the coffee table and standing alone for a few seconds at a time. She's pretty brave! She is also a ton of fun. She absolutely loves people (adults and other kids) and is a delight to play with. Some of her favorite activities now are feeding the ducks, reading her books, crawling around like crazy outside (and sometimes eating dirt- yuck!), playing with cousin Andrew or friends CJ & Avery, "helping" mommy make dinner, talking to Pop-pop on the phone every day, visiting Grammy, sitting on Daddy's lap & "driving" his car in circles on out Cul-de-sac and waiting at the glass door every day for Da-Da to come home!