Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fighter, Fighter

My beautiful, extremely girly now 4-year-old had me in one of those funny parenting situations today. One of those where you are trying with all your might to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and to bring proper instruction, but where everything within you wants to burst out laughing.

At Bible Study today she was playing with a bunch of little girls in a tent together, along with one lone boy. I was across the room but thought I heard my sweet girl saying in her high-pitched voice, "I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna squish you. I'm gonna eat you. I'm gonna rip your arm off. Roar!" I walked up and peered in the tent and sure enough my pint sized girl was saying all of this to the boy who was WAY bigger than her (like twice her size). I was kinda perplexed as to what to do since she was saying all that and more with a smile. Then she wrapped her arms around his waist and tried with all her might to tackle him. (To no avail of course). Then she tried jumping on his back. That, of course didn't work either, so she tried the waist tactic again. (This boy was incredibly patient with the whole fiasco). I then called her out of the tent and seriously asked her if she was being kind to the poor boy. She replied, "Oh, yeah, Mom. We're playing fighter fighter and I'm trying to rip him apart". Uhhh....then it hit me she plays "Fighter, Fighter" with Joe (and Abi) every night when he gets home. Its her favorite game in the world. He pretends to be a monster and tackles the girls and harmlessly throws them on the bed and hits them with pillows. And he'll say things like "I'm gonna eat you. I'm gonna get you". I think this is one of the disadvantages to Joe not having a son :) But the girls love it.

That left me trying to explain to my girly girl that while "Fighter Fighter" is super fun to play with Daddy, you can't go tackling every boy you see. She really didn't get it, trying to explain to me that she and the girls were princesses and he was a dragon (just like with her Dad), but fortunately she obeyed any ways, and stopped tackling the poor guy.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing again later today when I brought the situation up again...she really doesn't get how she was being unkind :) I believe she'll do her best to obey anyways, but just in case, we came up with the plan that at the next Bible Study to suggest that this little guy be the Prince, instead of the dragon. She was happy with that, but then a moment later said, "Mom, I think he should be my horse instead". Oh well, at least he's not the dragon anymore :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flower Girls

Last Saturday my girlies had the ultimate little girls dream come true and got to be flower girls in "Miss Liz's" Wedding. Liz Shea was a very special friend and babysitter the past few years and after years of waiting married the man of her dreams, Mr. Michael Connolly.

"Smile, Abigail!"

To make being flower girls even better, they got to be "flower ballerina's" complete with handmade tutu's, ballerina slippers and flower wands. AND three of my girls best friends were flower girls with them!! They LOVED that!

Alathea, Abigail, Emma, Sarah Evelyn and Kathryn

And, as if it couldn't be any better, Ju-Ju (my sister Julie) was a bridesmaid in the wedding!! If she wasn't in the wedding, at the end of the isle waiting for them, I don't think Abi would have ever made it!

After getting their "hair done" by Miss Stephanie (another favorite), there was MUCH excitement when Miss Liz finally arrived!

My little Momma's girl quickly lost the excitement during the photo's...fortunately Liz has a great sense of humor and laughed at the situation, despite four incredibly amazing photographers ready to take pictures!

Sweet girl was happier by her lonesome :)

After the sobbing during pictures, and daily naptime already upon us, I began to wonder if Abigail would ever make it down the isle. Miraculously she did! After the three other flower girls danced their way down the isle (like they were supposed to), my two girls froze as soon as they walked in the auditorium (I think they were stunned to see hundreds of people looking at them)! They looked back for a way to escape, but the doors they walked through were closed! So, Alathea being the great big sis she is, gently pushed Abigail on her back, all the way down the isle to were JuJu was.

Here they are with Charlotte before heading down the isle:

The soon to be Mr & Mrs
(who now wonderfully live across the street from us)

The lovely bridesmaids

So happy Julie was there!!

We shamelessly bribed Abigail with the promise of a cupcake if she walked down the isle.
She was one very happy girl after the ceremony!!

Happy girl with two of her best buds

And a few more pics of the little lovely ladies...

The entourage of photographers took the girlies outside after the ceremony.
They got some cute pics of the the big girls...and there was my little Abi, off doing her own thing again. I love my sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

birthday girl

My sweet little oldest daughter just turned FOUR!!

Thats one year away from five, which sounds really old!
We are so blessed to have Alathea Joy in our lives. She is perfectly suited to be the oldest of three girls, and is (most of the time) a super big sister!
She is really excited about her newest sister, and asks all the time to kiss my tummy.

We had a super fun birthday date...
more on that and her big week (Julie here, her Birthday party and being a Flower Girl) to come!

I love you, sweet girl!

Saturday, February 06, 2010


It is so hard to believe that my baby is turning TWO today!

(top 4 photos, Jason Kovacs photography)

It is also hard to imagine our life without this sweet, fun, happy little lady.

I love you, Abigail.

Happy, happy birthday!

(We're celebrating today with her two favorite foods: pizza & cupcakes :)
And with Aunt JuJu, who is snowed out of MD
and is staying here another night! Yeah!)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sick again

I hate to admit it, but I am sick yet again. Being one who typically has a great immune system, this is so unusual for me. I think this is my 3rd sickness this winter...first the flu, then a 3 week cold, and now another yucky cough/cold. I'm starting to think my immune system just isn't 100% when I'm pregnant. Any ladies have similar experiences? What did you do to boost your immune system? It seems to take me weeks to recover from a simple cold, any thoughts on how to speed that up? Anyways, I'm fighting the temptation to grow weary in caring for my little ones, so I'd love your prayers for strength for my body and grace and strength from the Lord!