Monday, July 27, 2009

7 Amazing Years

It is truly hard to believe that I was just 17 when I met you...fresh out of high school, my first week of college, with huge dreams of missions and nursing, and definitely not even a thought of marriage being right around the corner. But then I met you. And my life has changed forever. You always said that God writes far better love stories than we ever could...and how true that is! While I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be married at 19 and moving far away from my family and friends, when I met you it was the easiest and happiest decision of my life! Thank you for being the most amazing husband to me. You truly are the man of my dreams in every way. And now seven years and two kids later, somehow I love you even more! God has been so good to us!

The morning of our wedding, just hours before I became your wife,
 I read this and wrote 7/27/02 beside it (how true it is!):

"Many, O Lord my God,
are the wonders you have done.
The things you planned for us
no one can recount to you;
were I to speak and tell of them,
they would be too many to declare."

Psalm 40:5

Happy 7 Year Anniversary, My Love!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silly Girls

I'm still trying to get just one great picture of the girls together... seemingly always without success. This day at the pool I never got my perfect shot, but I did capture the sweet silliness between our two little ladies. Alathea truly has a way of making Abigail laugh (and cry) hysterically like no other person!!!

 I just love watching them together...

I think she was telling Abi "I'm gonna eat you" or something like that :)

We've absolutely loved watching these two girls grow as friends. 
It's one of the sweetest things ever. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A whole lot of visiting

This summer has been sprinkled with many wonderful visits from family!
To kick it off was (and always is) my most favorite visitor of all: Julie!
I posted weeks ago of her and Alathea splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain (in PJ's). She's simply the best sister and auntie. 
We did lots of other fun stuff together...our traditional trips to Birkdale for Brixx, splashing in the fountains and Cold Stone (somehow I never get tired of Birkdale :)
We went to the pool, saw movies, ate & laughed. Ahhh, nothing like a sister...

...or an Auntie! 

Julie & I also drove down to spend a lovely day with my Grandma Bowers. 
She lived in Maryland until two years ago when she moved to Columbia, SC to live near my Aunt & Uncle. We used to see her almost every day growing up. I'm grateful she lives close by again.

Then... Mere came in town!
We love her annual two week summer visits.
Alathea was particularly smitten with Mere, saying "Mere is my most best friend, Mommy!"

During Mere's visit we spent LOTS of sweet time at Jon & Heather's new beautiful pool in their backyard. Alathea loved swimming with Grammy and Cousin Andrew, but Abi & Caleb like chillin' by the gravel rocks instead :)

I LOVE that my girls BOTH have cousins the exact same age!
Heather is now half way through pregnancy with baby boy #3 due in November.
I must admit when she got pregnant I was concerned I'd be getting pregnant too! It seemed that we'd always be having babies together. Looks like she'll be flying solo for a little while this time :)

We also had a visit with Joe's other Grandma who lives in New Mexico. I have only met her once before, so it was  a treat to spend time with her again. 

We are very blessed to have such wonderful family who comes to see us! In August my Dad & Rachel will visit. We can't wait!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lake House Birthday Trip

A few weeks ago it was Joe's birthday, followed by Fathers Day, so the girls & I surprised him good with a driver that he's been wanting! He was genuinely excited (I love that. It's hard to surprise Joe!).

We gave him his gift early that morning because Joe & I got to head out for a three day trip just the two of us!! It had been almost two years since we'd gone away alone (last year we did a number of trips with baby Abi in tow, but this was way better :) 

We were priveledged to stay in a lovely cottage on this beautiful lake Keaowee in South Carolina! (For free thanks to a good friends generous parents who own the place). 

The Cottage was right on the water and the lake was incredibly quiet and peaceful!

We wanted this trip be simpler than the fast paced other get-a-way's we've had. We love exploring and having fun, but wanted to take more time to read, relax, sleep and talk this time. And this place was just perfect for that. The first day we spent reading, taking walks around the lake, swimming in the pool and playing a few games of pool. It was simply lovely!

The second day was Joe's actual birthday! So we spent a good part of the day playing his very new hobby- golf. He finally caved in to all his friends about two months ago and played one tournament... now he's hooked. 

We found a gorgeous golf course at the foot hills of the mountains with beautiful views. It was so fun watching him play and driving along in the golf cart. Maybe one day I'll play too :)

We had an incredible birthday dinner that night, then enjoyed more swimming, finishing a John Adams movie series and more reading. It was sooooo nice to have no agenda! And sitting in these chairs by the window had an amazing view of the lake and a wonderful breeze.

This is the view from the house:

I love this boy SO much!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Little Cupcake

Abigail is known quite well for her passion for food :) Her favorite kind of food, of course, is the one with the most sugar! So after not eating much for a week, she really enjoyed this cupcake, made by her big sis just for her. She ate it down to the last drop!

We think she may be trying to "re-pack" on the pounds to keep up her "chubby baby" identity after loosing a good bit of weight last week :) Doesn't she look slimmer? (Hehe...I've never used the words "slim" and "Abigail" in the same sentence before!)