Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am beyond blessed by these little girls.

sure, sometimes they're fussy

or downright grumpy

and sometimes even scary

but more often than not they are silly...

really, really silly...

and all that silliness is sprinkled
with tender moments of sweetness

But, regardless of their mood...

they're my girls
and I thank God for the gift they are every single day.

Sleeping Beauty

she's my first thumb-sucker...
and I find it absolutely adorable in every way.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Little Cousins

{little cousins}

It's hard to believe that Joe & his brother Jon are both married and now have 6 kids between the two of them. These are the same two brothers who grew up starting fires in sewer pipes, swimming in ponds with resident alligators, and building blockades in the road just for fun. One thing their Mom always said about them, is that when they were little, they always did things together.

While they don't see each other nearly as often now, they still have done things simultaneously. They got married the same year, just 2 weeks apart.
And now they've had 3 kids each, all born close in age.
That makes for some sweet little cousins for my girls. And it is SO fun to have some boys around! Three adorable little nephews.

Here are the little Lechner cousins...

...the oldest at 4 years

just 3 months younger than Alathea


2 years old.
just 4 weeks younger than Abi

the big baby, at 11 months old

...the little baby, just 8 months younger than Grant

My girls are incredibly blessed to have these little cousins that they just love!!