Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Beach Trip continued...

Rocky & his girlfriend Jessica.

My "uncle" Miles (yes, he is really my uncle) and Julie
Marc (married to my cousin Megan), My Grandpa, Eddie (married to my cousin Joy), and Joe 

The Bowers Clan:
(L-R from front to back)
Joy, Eddie & Lulu Centurion; Abigail, Grandpa Bowers, Alathea, Joe & Jeanie
Megan & Marc Hunsaker, Perry & Janet Bowers, Miles (Dad's brother/my uncle),
 Jane (Grandpa's Wife), Dad, Julie, Rocky & Jessica

Lulu & Alathea

Kissing Pop-Pop

We loved the water!

Cousins! Megan, Joy & Julie.

We are home! It's been a wonderful whirlwind of a month- July came and went before I even felt like it began. But it has been full of sweet memories. It started on July 12th when the four of us flew up to MD to meet my Dad's side of the family at the beach for our 1st ever "Bowers Family Reunion". It was awesome!! We are blessed beyond word to have an entire side of the family who love the Lord passionately- which meant for meaningful conversations daily. Four of the six husbands are in ministry. 

We enjoyed a wonderful week with 18 of us all in one house. Our girls did great once again at the beach. Abi took one nap a day in her stroller and one in her sling. What a blessing! I grew up going to Bethany Beach multiple times a year and so it was special taking both of the girls back and reliving memories with me as the mom now!

This reunion was the first time we spent time with my cousins Joy & Megan since they have been married. The best thing was that Joy has a 2 year old girl named Lulu who Alathea loved. They were inseperable! I'm at a loss for words to describe how amazing it was to be with family for an entire week. I really hope we can do it again!

After the amazing beach trip, Joe flew home to get back to work and me & the girls drove 3 hours to MD. We spent 5 days at home with Dad & Julie. It was a great time catching up with them and old friends. Its meaningful to me to spend time with my kids at my childhood home.

The crazy part of the trip was our flight home. Imagine me (and my Dad for most of the time) at an insanely busy airport with two kids and two strollers and two carseats waiting for a 7pm flight they was delayed every hour until it finally left at 3:15am! We were at the airport for over 9 hours!! Joe picked us up in Charlotte at 4:30am! Crazy!!!!! The day after was our CGL retreat...then our anniversary trip...then my sister was here. All with not even a day in between. It was ALL wonderful- I loved every minute of it. BUT- I am so grateful for today- my first day of "normal" at home- just doing laundry & cleaning & hanging with my sweet girls. It's been  wonderful!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 1/2 months of cuteness

It is hard to believe our little Abigail is 5 months old!! She is actually 5 1/2 months now!! She's as chubby, sweet, happy, cuddly & cute as ever! She just started sitting on her own this week. The sweetest thing lately is how she'll laugh hysterically at Alathea! Joe & I try to make her laugh and we'll get a chuckle...but Alathea alone gets the belly laughs!

We've been out of town for so long I just yesterday took her 5 month pictures. I've got lots of pictures & stories to tell of our travels- including our 3:15am flight this morning & 8 hours at the airport! But that will have to wait as I'm heading to bed...

my girls

While in MD one of my sister's best friends, Kristen, came to Dad's house and took some pictures of the girls. She is so talented! Some of them are on her website here. I am so blessed to know some amazing photographers both here and in MD!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're at the beach!!


My two babies...the love each other & the beach!

We are at my favorite beach in the world...Bethany Beach, DE. I grew up going to my Grandma's beach house on 2nd street since I was a baby. While we are here soaking up the sun and sitting in the warm sand- the greatest perk is that the entire Bowers family is here! There are 18 of us in a mini family reunion with cousins, aunts & uncles I love and haven't seen in so long. Joe's heading home tomorrow and me & the girls will spend a few days in MD with my Dad & sister. I'll catch up more soon...I've gotta soak up as much beach as possible :) I just LOVE summer!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Princess Alathea

Yes, Alathea indeed is a princess. We've always told her so, but now she believes us.

It all started on Friday when Alathea discovered this Tutu in her dresser. Somehow she knew once she had it on to start twirling and dancing around the room. Then, on Saturday Kenni bought her these magical pink princess shoes that sparkle! Alathea wore them out of the store, during her nap, all day yesterday, to church today and she is still wearing them.

Add to the mix a princess wand (from Kenni too!) and  you have a true princess!

So this is how you found Alathea today...twirling around our house and walking through the nieghborhood as a little princess. 

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

My All-American Girls!

This July 4th me & the girls tried to make the most of it while Joe/Daddy was away at youth camp for the weekend. We miss Joe so much. Alathea woke up every morning saying she was sad (which is SO unusual for her). I'd ask her why and she's say because Daddy was bye-bye. She & I had a good talk (well, for a two year old) and I think she understood that what Daddy was doing was important because he was serving the Lord. So now when people ask her where Daddy is, she says "Serving God". Its quite cute.

We did have a great day just us girls on the 4th. It's fun for me to have days that are completely focused on Alathea & Abigail. We woke up and had a great morning snuggle/reading time and then headed to the park by 9:30am. We walked from the park all the way to Starbucks. It was a lovely morning and we had a great time walking with the double stroller (walking is so much more fun than driving). Alathea loves Starbucks (in the genes)- but especially because we play connect four together every time we go there.

After our Starbucks visit, I stopped by the grocery store to buy Alathea a 4th of July donut! She was thrilled! She enjoyed that as we walked back to the park to meet Reba and Kathryn. Below is a picture of Abigail sound asleep in her carseat- she napped the entire time.

Despite the typical two year old selfishness, these girls just love each other! They enjoyed feeding the ducks together too. 

To end the day we spent the evening at Jon & Heathers house to celebrate Jon's b-day. As you can see in the picture below Alathea & Andrew loved the pool. They jumped in with their clothes on at first!

Even though we enjoyed the day together as girlies, we are SO excited that Daddy comes home tonight!!