Sunday, June 19, 2011

.Spring Adventures.

We love spring and summer around here. Who doesn't, right?
We love having the windows open and spending hours outside in the sunshine.
I've been loving life too much to take a minute and add a post.
So here is our spring in a nutshell:

{We've spent many hours walking to the park & pond down the street.}
Which included watching eight baby ducklings grow up.
The girls wanted to go to the pond daily to build the ducklings a nest to sleep in each night.
(I believe we've read "Make way for the Ducklings" one too many times!)

{Pop-Pop & Ray-Ray came in town for a visit!}
Always a treat for each of us!
The girls have said that they'd chose Pop-Pop & Ray-Ray visiting over a trip to Disney World...that's saying a lot for our little girls!
We get spoiled to the max, including lots of pizza, ice cream and starbucks for me!

{Trip to Hilton Head}
Joe will be in Mexico over our anniversary in July, so we took an early trip and spent four days in Hilton Head (with Ava in tow). It was a lovely trip, with lots of sweet time together- but also four straight days of rain!! We had only 6 hours the entire trip to really enjoy the island. We soaked up every minute and spent a good bit of time riding bikes on the beach. (OK, I know I'm just a big eight year old, but I LOVED it! And now I want a bike really bad ;)

We had Easter at our house this year, including an Easter egg hunt.
Sweet times with the family.

{Strawberry Picking}
Nothing says spring like Strawberry picking.
This is the first year we actually picked more than we consumed on the spot!

{Real Life}
This picture makes me so every day life.
Any given moment there is a good chance on of my three is joyfully smiling, one is screaming at the top of their lungs, and one is off in outer space. They rotate rolls throughout the day. Despite the challenges "real life" can bring with three little ones, I couldn't be more grateful for them and the privilege it is to be their Mom. They are precious gifts from God that I cherish!

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Anonymous said...

I love all the new pictures! It was such a bummer to miss Ava's first birthday. Can''t wait to see everyone at the beach!!!
Give the girls a big hug and kiss from Ray Ray and Pop Pop!!
Love you!!!