Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 months

little miss ava is now 9 months old.
Considering how she cried constantly and never slept the first 2 months of her life were, she's been an incredible baby and we don't take for granted her sunny personality and happy-little-self!

she's ACTIVE, crawling around and pulling up on everything.
both of her big sisters we're active little things too, so the verdict is still out whose footsteps she'll follow in. she may just be the "partner in adventure" that Abigail's always wanted :)

ava's current loves are food (she's teeny-tiny, but LOVES any and all food!), her blankie, baby dolls, da-da (her 1st and only word, other than "baby"), giving kisses and sucking her thumb.

although her very favorite thing in the world is her two big sisters. she lights up and whips her head around at just the sound of their voices, followed by the happiest squeal of laughter!
ava's a blessed little girl to have two doting big sisters, who beg me all of ava's nap time long to go in, wake her up and play with her. i'm so grateful for the love & friendship these three sisters share!

we love you, happy girl!

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